WetriXXX Gallery System

Our gallery system drives the content for our network of sites. The engine driving our system is TGP Rotator provided by JMBSoft.com. We highly recommend this software for anyone running a TGP of any kind. They have a suit of other products that are kick ass and they will save you time while maximizing your profits.

Current Sites using WetriXXX Gallery System

XXX Sex Clips
Vivid Sex Video
Hardcore Asia

Current Affiliate Programs Listing With WetriXXX Gallery System

NA - a sponsor that is new to 2008
NA* - Stats not reported on AEBN system.

Prospective Affiliate Programs

As our traffic grows we will be adding more affiliate programs to our database. If you program provides free hosted galleries then feel free to contact me with your program details and we will review your program and potentially add it to our site.

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